Diamond Polishing - For stone, marble, limestone and terrazzo

We offer specialised cleaning and polishing of stone floors to keep them looking as good as the day they were installed. For marble, limestone and terrazzo we use diamond-grinding, polishing and vitrification methods to enhance their appearance, make them stronger, less porous and more scratch-resistant. CORE’s consistent cleaning and maintenance of your stone floor will reduce the need for expensive restoration work.

Diamond grinding and polishing - Terrazzo
This technique is ideal for terrazzo floors which are hard-wearing but do need grinding and polishing periodically to maintain their appearance. We use a combination of water with diamond abrasive grit pads – no chemicals needed. We first grind the surface to create a matt finish. We then employ increasingly smooth grit pads to achieve the desired finish, ranging from deep lustre to a high gloss.

Diamond grinding and vitrification - Marble and Limestone A similar diamond grinding process is used as with terrazzo, which creates a slurry with marble and limestone that is extracted to create a smooth finish. We then employ a vitrificiation process which creates a high gloss finish.

We can design an ongoing maintenance programme to suit your floor and ensure it stays looking good for longer.

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